A new kind of shopping experience

not your mama's bricks and mortar

Retailers today are facing a new challenge: shoppers expect product details, reviews, videos, and infinite assortments. With June20, you can give them what they want - in-store, right at the point of purchase.


Enable Purchases

Power to purchase

June20 marries your in-store and online inventories together in your retail space.

This allows customers to evaluate, select and purchase from your FULL assortment (online and off), while staying engaged in YOUR retail ecosystem.


Engage Interactively

Clarity and consistency

Beautiful and detailed product information, reviews, options and videos. Discover related products, accessories, and services. Consistent, category-specific presentation and interactions

Intuitive interaction

Touch, scroll, and swipe to interact with product information. Slide to explore and compare products. Tell complex stories. Web standard content


Collect Analytics

Track Interest

Built-in analytics package tracks shopper interest levels, and what engagements result in purchases. Using this information, you can dynamically edit and replace content to maximize results. Data driven promotions and “in-store versus on-line” assortment decisions can now be made with confidence and metrics to prove success

Dynamic Editability

Revise key messaging as branding changes or product functionality is updated. Test alternative content to see which messaging resonates most. In-store displays can be as dynamic,adaptable and vibrant as your website

June20 can help your business!

A completely intuitive interface - Your customers will see it and immediately want to play with it.

How it Works

A revolutionary in store content delivery system. June 20 includes a securely enclosed tablet on an arm that slides along a rail.

The Infinite Aisle

What's the greatest challenge for retailers today? Satisfying customers who want everything to be in store.

Rich Content

Today's consumers do their homework, they're well-informed! More than eighty percent of them read product reviews.

Consistent Presentation

When shoppers come into stores, they're dazzled by the overwhelming array of product packaging and signage that's on display.

Dynamic Content

In product marketing once you set your key messaging you're stuck with it for months. Want to communicate product changes?


Today in the store retailers don't have the data and analytical tools that make online shoppers an open book.

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