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what is converge?

Converge is: Omni-channel solved!

Converge is the next chapter in the evolution of retail. Our revolutionary new technology platform unites the in-store and on-line like never before. Converge connects the physical products with all the rich information and reviews you historically could only get on line.


Frictionless purchases for your consumers

It's a game changer for retail. Consumers can now walk around the store and effortlessly add things to their online-cart. By making it incredibly easy for consumers to purchase the product using the method of payment they want, you are able to keep consumers in the retailer's ecosystem.  


Straight out of the future!

OK… let’s take it one step farther. What if the display could recognize who you are as you approach? It’s the ultimate design in personalized shopping, and it makes purchasing in-isle unbelievably easy. And even better, the retailer or brands now can see exactly what specific item is of interest to a consumer.  

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what it does

Converge connects the individual customer to specific products like never before. Now the brand or retailer can understand how a customer's in-store visit influenced his or her overall purchase. 

By aligning the three key components of observation – The Person, The Product and The Interest – you can better analyze what occurred before, during and after the customer's retail experience.